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Wedding Portraits and Event Photos

Priceless moments, TRUE TO LIFE.

It's the day you've looked forward to for what seems like all your life, an event that will change your life forever. It's no longer only in the future - it's now become your present - and you want to live every minute of it making the memories that will soon be treasured past. Hiring a professional to preserve those memories, while YOU'RE busy living them, is one of the most important decisions you will make in preparation for your big day.

We take pride in recording images that detail your day, remind you of who attended and celebrate your beauty and personality.  Your wedding is so much more than an occurrence, it's truly an incredible time where so many aspects of your life converge. We aim to artistically capture it as such for you to enjoy for all your years to come.

Our services come with great benefits, including at-cost prints from professional labs, rights to full-resolution image files and a personal online gallery setup indefinitely for you to view and share. We'll meet up with you personally to hear your vision for your pictures and continue in communication with you (and/or your wedding coordinator) as often as necessary during your engagement. Along the way, we'll provide a shot selection guide to help you refine your photo priorities and set a clear timeline of how the pictures will play out during your big day.

Packages start at $1,500.00* and every package includes ALL the perks listed in the section below, along with the aforementioned consultations.  

We'd love the opportunity to work with you, please see contact information at the bottom of this page!

*Additional fees will be quoted, after consultation, for optional Engagement session and/or Bridal session, a second full-time shooter at event, or extremely difficult lighting situations requiring additional equipment, such as a dark barn or very dimly-lit sanctuary.



WHAT YOU GET sets us apart...


<> Every picture carefully processed digitally and released to you to use as you choose.


<> Access to your own gallery, hosted on this site. View and share pics anytime, gallery will stay active as long as you'd like.


<> "At-cost" prints offered through this website. Take advantage of our professional lab's superb quality for only the cost of your local 1-hour photo service. Print anytime and have them shipped to you or others.



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